Privacy Terms

We are quite conscious about our customer privacy and we always want to provide them customer-friendly services. At Junk Cars Removal, we make our privacy policy for protecting those details and using the information that is given by the clients carefully. So, all of the visitors are requested to visit the website before providing the necessary details to us.

We ask some important details from our clients so that we can make our services customized and customer-friendly. Our privacy policy is designed to explain that how we use, maintain and protect details that are given voluntarily for the only purpose of improving our service.

Information that we need from the customers

We never use any cookies and that’s why we gather few details from our clients to know the exact requirements of the clients. We use those details that are provided by the clients to develop our services. Details that we need are given below.

  • Name of the customers
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Email id

By using these details we can inform our clients about our services. But, we never use these details for any promotional purpose.

How we use, maintain and protect those details?

We are quite conscious about the protection of those details. Since, we need banking details as well so; we always follow the extreme precautions for protecting the information. We never share these clients’ details with any third party or others promotional sources. We store all details with the secured database that is scanned with the latest antivirus. Thus, we protect clients’ details from the malware attacks.


The terms of our company relate a lot to the company Privacy Policy. You are mostly welcomed at Junk Cars Removal and before browsing the website, you must visit the terms of company carefully. If you want to enjoy the browsing of our website then you have to respect our terms properly.

  • We use all the contents in our website only for offering some clear idea about our services to the clients. We will not be responsible if you found any inaccuracy in the content. All the contents in our website are given willingly and company does not claim 100% accuracy.
  • Visitors are requested to compare the information that is given by us with others sources as well. Company will not be responsible if you found any mistakes in the information.
  • If you visit our website you may find a number of external links. We use those links for providing the better idea of our services. We never use those links for promotional purposes.
  • Copying any content, any image of the company, or logo is strictly prohibited and we will not entertain the person who will found to do the same. Company will take legal actions against him/her.

Junk Cars Removal is the only authorized to bring out changes to the company Terms and Conditions. We can change the terms and privacy without giving any prior information to the visitors. So, visitors are requested to visit our website regularly so that they can be updated.

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